Benefits Of Appointing KAWR For EPR Agency Services

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Kenya Association of Waste Recyclers (KAWR) is the umbrella body for the private sector industry involved in the materials recovery from waste; this includes and is not limited to, retrieval of materials from waste, repair, refurbishment, recycling, remanufacturing, composting, power generation, or any other initiative aimed at extracting value from material that would otherwise have been discarded as waste.

Here are some key points highlighting the advantages of appointing KAWR as your EPR Agent:

1.Extensive Network: KAWR’s membership spans across the country, connecting various stakeholders in the recycling value chain. With over 500 recycling businesses, KAWR has a robust network that covers waste collection, sorting, and conversion into finished products.

2.Community-Based Approach: KAWR collaborates with over 200 Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). This community-driven approach ensures that waste management efforts are inclusive and reach local communities effectively.

3.Resource Conservation Expertise: As the most knowledgeable organization in Kenya regarding resource conservation, KAWR brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Their insights into waste collection, segregation, sorting, reuse, and recycling are invaluab

4.Legislative Influence: KAWR’s active involvement in technical working groups and committees at both national and county levels demonstrates their influence in shaping waste management policies and legislation. Their contributions have been vital in recent legal developments.

5.Training and Capacity Building: KAWR’s commitment to training extends beyond its own members. By sharing knowledge and best practices, they contribute to building a skilled workforce in waste management.

6.Regional Representation: KAWR’s competent board, led by a visionary executive, benefits from the input of 8 regional representatives covering different provincial regions of Kenya that is, Nairobi, Central, Coast, Rift valley, North Eastern, Eastern, Western. This ensures a holistic approach to waste management.

7.Market Network: KAWR’s extensive recycling market network in the East Africa region facilitates the flow of recyclable materials, promoting a circular economy.

By appointing KAWR as your EPR agent, you align with an organization that combines expertise, community engagement, and legislative influence to drive sustainable waste management practices.

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